DFAS has issued W2s for every branch, which means you can do your taxes at any

Free Military Tax Prep Options: You Don't Have to Pay

DFAS has issued W2s for every branch, which means you can do your taxes at any time. Most service members are entitled to returns, but in the event that you’ll owe the IRS, you must file your taxes on or before April 15, 2015.

The good news is that because you’re in the Armed Services, you don’t have to pay to have your taxes done by a professional. You can also do them yourself without buying expensive tax software, thanks to TurboTax, which offers a free military edition each year for state and federal returns.

Using Your Installation’s Tax Center

Every military installation has a tax center where all service members, their ID card-carrying family members and retirees are entitled to go and have their federal and state taxes readied by a tax professional. The service is completely free, even if you have a complex tax return.

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Your installation might require appointments for complicated tax returns, but they usually take walk-ins and appointments for simple returns.

You have a simple tax return if you have ordinary W2s, interest or dividend income, and you only need to file federal taxes and taxes for one state.

You have a complex tax return if you need to take itemized deductions or if your return involves the sale of stocks, rental income or other items that require specialized attention.

TurboTax Military Edition

Service members in pay grades E1 through E5 don’t have to pay for the 2015 Military Edition of TurboTax. However, E6s and above, including officers, get $5 off TurboTax products; the free edition isn’t available to those in higher pay grades. If you do have to pay for TurboTax, though, you can pay with the money that comes out of your federal return.

What to do if You’re Not Getting a Refund (but You Need One)

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